We have the experience and skills to handle a wide range of litigation matters.

In addition, the firm assists clients in reducing potential product liability and product recall exposure.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Breach of Contract
Breach of Warranty
Fraud and Misrepresentation
Collection Matters
Consumer Fraud
Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions
Unfair Business Practices and Competition
Uniform Commerical Code

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation requires experienced attorneys who understand agreements, financing, ownership structures, real estate rules and regulations and secured transactions. Tarpey Wix represents property owners, developers, secured lenders, borrowers, landlords, tenants and other clients. Tarpey Wix has the skills, experience, and access to legal resources necessary to help our clients maximize their opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks. Our firm uses its insight and experience to efficiently and effectively address both a long-term strategy and the legal details of cases before, during, and after litigation or dispute resolution.

Employment Litigation and Counseling

We represent businesses and individuals in employment-related matters involving workplace discrimination and harassment. We also act as independent investigators of employment discrimination and harassment claims for businesses lacking the necessary human resource expertise.

Temporary Restraining Orders, Injunctions and Emergency Relief

An injunction is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing specific acts. A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties and may have to pay damages or accept sanctions. In some cases, breaches of injunctions are considered serious criminal offenses that merit arrest and possible prison sentences.

General Legal Counseling

Many small businesses lack the resources to have an in-house attorney to handle their many and varied legal needs. We can assist those companies with many types of legal services at affordable rates, including the drafting and negotiating of contracts, commercial disputes, dealing with suppliers and distributors, crisis management and the implementation of strategies to minimize potential litigation risks. We can provide peace-of-mind that your legal matters are being handled efficiently and cost-effectively allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Product Liability Litigation

Our attorneys have significant experience defending product liability lawsuits involving a wide variety of products, including, among others, punch presses/lathes, industrial equipment, elevators/escalators, children's toys, strollers and cribs, construction equipment, power tools, automobiles and automobile equipment, medical devices/drugs, motorcycle helmets, electrical components, fire extinguishers, generators, cellular phones and telecommunication equipment, furniture, lighting fixtures, footwear/apparel, and many other consumer products. We have handled litigation in state and federal courts in Illinois and throughout the United States.

Product Recall Counseling

At Tarpey Wix, we recognize that product recalls can present a major crisis to manufacturers, retailers and distributors. We know firsthand the potential risks involved with any product recall, including reduced profits, damages to product brand and loss of goodwill and reputation with customers. Proper coordination and implementation of a product recall is essential in reducing these potential risks. Companies that fail to respond quickly, efficiently and appropriately to a product recall situation run the risk of permanent damage to their product brand and increased potential for product liability exposure.

Product Safety Counseling

Companies that are prepared for a product recall ahead of time are able to respond more effectively and efficiently and thereby greatly reduce the risks associated with a product recall and the potential product liability exposure that inevitably results.

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