Linzie Talboo

As Director of Marketing and Client Relations, Linzie is in charge of building the Tarpey Wix “we are a different type of law firm” brand. In addition to her marketing efforts and strengthening our relationships with clients, Linzie also manages the daily operations of our firm. In short, Linzie does everything that lawyers are bad at. Her passion for project management and client support led her to join the Tarpey Wix team in 2014. Since then she has been an integral part in ensuring each case runs efficiently with open communication to our clients.

Linzie graduated Cum Laude from the University of Toledo with her Bachelors in Communications. Previously, she was part of the Marketing Communications team for a Fortune 500 company, and an Account Executive for a major New-York based advertising agency where she had the opportunity to work with high-profile clients around the globe.

Originally from Michigan, Linzie moved to Chicago several years ago with her husband in pursuit of “better brunch”. When she’s not running the show at Tarpey Wix, Linzie enjoys traveling (to get as far away as possible from lawyers when she can) and spending time at the beach with her dog Cooper.