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Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation
–Tarpey Wix is prepared to handle virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and shareholder issues. We have represented clients in complex disputes across numerous industries, including real estate, telecommunications, supply chain, packaging, automotive, construction, and finance. We will tailor a strategy to the needs of each client and case whether they are “bet-the-company” cases or more discrete matters. The attorneys of Tarpey Wix solve complex problems creatively and efficiently and our experience allows us to position our clients for success even before a dispute arises and execute the strategy all the way through trial.

Contracts – Contract disputes arise in an infinite variety of contexts. Whether yours is a simple two-party contract involving local entities or a multi-party contract with interested parties in several points across the country or globe, Tarpey Wix has the experience to help you assess the risks and navigate you to a successful business outcome.

Data Privacy
– As our world becomes more and more digital and dependent on information technology, both businesses and individuals are facing ever-expanding data security risks. The proliferation of federal and state privacy laws and regulations adds an additional layer of complexity. Tarpey Wix has litigated and advised clients on data security matters and has the experience to help you manage your data privacy risks.

– We represent businesses and individuals in employment-related matters involving workplace discrimination and harassment. We also act as independent investigators of employment discrimination and harassment claims for businesses lacking the necessary human resource expertise.

General Legal Counseling
 – Tarpey Wix serves as external general counsel for businesses, eliminating the need for those business to dedicate full-tome empolyess to that function. We can assist those companies with many types of legal services at affordable rates, including the drafting and negotiating of contracts, commercial disputes, dealing with suppliers and distributors, crisis management and the implementation of strategies to minimize potential litigation risks. We can provide peace-of-mind that your legal matters are being handled efficiently and cost-effectively allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Injunctions, Restraining Orders, and Emergency Relief
– The attorneys of Tarpey Wix have prosecuted and defended numerous requests for emergency relief and know how to present your case on a moment’s notice to uphold your rights.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
– You probably did not start your business planning to fight with your partners or, worse, to get ripped off or frozen out by them. When business partners do have a falling out, it is often highly contentious and emotional, frequently leading to the proverbial “business divorce.” In these cases, you need an attorney who can strip away the emotions, assess your risk, and stay a few moves ahead of the case. The attorneys at Tarpey Wix have been through numerous highly contentious partnership disputes and have the skill necessary to protect your interests.

Product Recall Counseling
– At Tarpey Wix LLC, we recognize that product recalls can present a major crisis to manufacturers, retailers and distributors. We know firsthand the potential risks involved with any product recall, including reduced profits, damages to product brand, and loss of goodwill and reputation with customers. Proper coordination and implementation of a product recall are essential in reducing these potential risks. Companies that fail to respond quickly, efficiently and appropriately to a product recall situation run the risk of permanent damage to their product brand and increased potential for product liability exposure.

Product Safety Counseling
– Companies that are prepared for a product recall ahead of time are able to respond more effectively and efficiently and thereby greatly reduce the risks associated with a product recall and the potential product liability exposure that inevitably results.

Real Estate Litigation
– Real estate litigation requires experienced attorneys who understand agreements, financing, ownership structures, real estate rules and regulations and secured transactions. Tarpey Wix represents property owners, developers, secured lenders, borrowers, landlords, tenants, investors, joint ventures, and other clients. We have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to help clients maximize their opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks. Our firm uses its insight and experience to efficiently and effectively address both a long-term strategy and the legal details of cases before, during, and after litigation or dispute resolution.

– The attorneys of Tarpey Wix have defended clients in regulatory investigations and enforcement actions before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Illinois Department of Human Rights, Illinois Human Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the regulatory arms of various financial exchanges including the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and other federal and local regulators. Working with a regulator is often a finesse game, but sometimes requires you to dig in and stand your ground and it is critical that your attorney knows when to take the appropriate stance. Tarpey Wix has the experience to position you for the best result.

Trade Secrets
– Your proprietary information, processes, and procedures are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you’re dealing with theft of secrets by an employee, computer fraud, a competitor poaching your workforce, breach of a confidentiality or non-compete agreement, or your business is hampered by accusations of any of the foregoing, Tarpey Wix has the experience to maintain your competitive edge. Because trade secrets disputes often emergencies, Tarpey Wix is prepared to get you into court as quickly as possible to ensure the integrity of your business processes.

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