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Some Of Our Recent Successes And Firm News

March 5, 2019 – Tarpey Wix LLC Wins Jury Verdict, Attorneys’ Fees in Indiana

Tarpey Wix LLC partner, won a jury trial and an award of costs, attorneys’ fees, and pre-judgment interest for valued client, Northwest Pallet Services, LLC. Matt was asked to take over the case from another law firm shortly before trial and after discovery had been closed for months. Matt obtained jury verdicts in favor of Northwest on both its claim and the defendant’s counterclaim last August. The jury awarded the defendant nothing on its counterclaim. In February 2019, the court reversed its own prior order denying Northwest petition for costs, attorneys’ fees, and pre-judgment interest and granted the petition. The case was tried in the Superior Court of Greene County, Indiana.

December 12, 2018 – Jury Returns Verdict for $6.3 Million in Favor of Tarpey Wix LLC Client Northwest Pallet Supply

After a two-week trial, a federal jury returned a verdict in favor of Northwest Pallet on all counts at issue, including the claims brought against it for conversion and civil conspiracy by its competitor, PECO Pallet, and awarded Northwest Pallet approximately $6.3 million in damages on its countersuit for unjust enrichment. The case was tried in the United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois before Magistrate Judge Michael T. Mason. Northwest Pallet was represented at trial by Dan Tarpey and Dave Wix. PECO Pallet was represented by Winston & Strawn.

The case arose in 2015 when Northwest Pallet, a pallet recycler which performs “dock sweeping” services for major retailers such as Target and Walgreen’s, stood up to PECO’s aggressive attempts to unilaterally dictate the price it was willing to pay for the return of red rental pallets PECO rents to its consumer goods customers like Kraft Foods. After the parties reached an impasse on those negotiations, PECO filed suit its lawsuit first claiming Northwest Pallet had been stealing its pallets and encouraging retailers to do the same. Northwest Pallet filed a countersuit shortly after seeking reasonable compensation for all of the services involved in the safe return of a rental pallet to a pallet rental company like PECO. After nearly two weeks of trial, the jury deliberated for less than three hours and sided with Northwest Pallet on all counts at issue.

September 2017 – Tarpey Wix LLC Settles ADEA/Illinois Wage Payment And Collection Suit

Representing the plaintiff, Tarpey Wix LLC obtained a favorable settlement in an age discrimination suit that also involved the failure to pay earned commissions to our client. Tarpey Wix LLC filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the defendant had terminated our client, who was over the age of 40, in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and that the defendant violated the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act by failing to pay commissions on sales occurring post-termination under the procuring cause doctrine.

June 2017 Tarpey Wix LLC Sponsors Hole At The Fred Jackson Annual Golf Classic

Tarpey Wix LLC had the opportunity to sponsor a hole at the Fred Jackson Annual Golf Classic, which benefits the Friends of Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Foundation. All proceeds from the tournament go directly toward the enhancement of the Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Department’s programs and services for the enrichment of families in the community.

March 2017 – Sterling Bay Awarded All Attorneys’ Fees After Trial Victory By Tarpey Wix LLC

After a unanimous verdict in Sterling Bay’s favor on all claims relating to the development and subsequent sale of Loyola’s Burr Ridge Medical Center, led by the trial team of Dan Tarpey and Dave Wix, the Court found that Sterling Bay was entitled to recover all of its attorneys’ fees, an amount in excess of $1.2 million, incurred in prevailing on all claims at issue in the five years of contentious litigation.

March 2017 – Tarpey Wix LLC Prevails In An Arbitration Involving A Commercial Development Dispute

Representing the defendant/counter-plaintiff in a commercial development dispute regarding the build-out of a beauty salon, Tarpey Wix LLC prevailed on its counterclaim in favor of the beauty salon owner against the commercial landlord.

March 2016 – Tarpey Wix LLC Recovers $1.2 Million On Behalf Of Developer Of Software Used By NFL Teams

After filing lawsuits in two federal courts – one in South Bend, Indiana and the other in Boston, Massachusetts – the firm resolved litigation against the defendant companies that were alleged to owe royalties to Tarpey Wix LLC’s client pursuant to a license agreement. Under the agreement, the defendants were granted the exclusive rights to software developed by the firm’s client and used by several NFL teams to scout college and other professional football players.